What are the best Link Builder techniques?

Link building is considered one of the tough aspects of SEO business and Amazon SEO; however, it does not mean that it is impossible or that you cannot take advantage of the tips and techniques shortlisted by the experts. For instance, if the link is not working, it can take weeks to recover in the complete sense. This is why it is important to make people familiar with the techniques to of link building.

Even though it is hard to get an estimate of the links required to get the traffic goals and the ranking position, however, if you can observe the site and get closer estimates, it could help you in assessing how it will influence your site. Moreover, if you can compare two sites in terms of good and bad performance, it can guide you in building the links. Similarly, if you make a list of the problems on the site that has few links, it could help to prevent future problems. In other words, all those websites that have few links need to be understood in order to formulate a strategy for your product.

Moreover, the role of quality is often undermined when it comes to link building, which can drive the ranking of a site and content. This is why if you are focusing on the quantity, it is good to shift the strategy to the quality of the product. Likewise, all those websites that have excessive backlinks, it is considered more spammy than anything else. Hence, the quantity of the backlinks is not the right approach. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that link building is relatively a hard part that requires thought and new ideas to outrank the competitors. Furthermore, numbers, the role of clients and other factors should not be ignored if you want to learn the techniques of link building.


The calculation of the numbers is one of an integral part of the complete process and the outstanding number is the one which concerns with the number of hours required to secure one link. This means that all the team members are supposed to be on board and the number securing the link should be steady. For instance, four hours per link is a decent rate. However, if your number is around eight hours per click, remember that it is an average. Therefore, there is no need to panic. To put simply, you can take thirty minutes to build a link and around thirty for the next one. Hence, it is better to focus on the fluctuation rather than counting the numbers.

In some cases, you can build links in less time especially if you are really focused, likewise, some of the experts can make it happen in fifteen minutes. However, links that can take months are also there which may test your patience, as it involves negotiation with the webmasters. Therefore, you will be expected to communicate with the webmasters even when it is the holiday season. The idea is to make the links go live before it is too late.

Furthermore, if you are looking for sites to support you, it may take effort more than your expectations. For instance, if you go through two hundred pages, chances are you will find three relevant links. So, it will require more time and there are no ways of shortening the process. Therefore, you may have to spend days or months to find the relevant links. However, if you get lucky, you can find the link in a row. Hence, there is no single formula that can determine this part.

Being the Client

If you happen to be the client, remember that you cannot achieve the miracles or impossible tasks without working hard. This is not to say that the quality of your website is not important, however, if you think that your product will match the quality of the website, you may wrong. Some of the clients may have good repute, but it does not mean that it can be applied to the product as well. That being said, if your product happens to be good, it may take the time to build good links. For instance, link building is a tedious task that can require you to come up with creative solutions. So, if you cannot innovate in terms of handling the case for a long period of time, you may not be able to get out of the difficult situation. Therefore, you will have to work on being persistent.

The process after you are done with the negotiation is not easy either. For example, if the webmaster gives you a word but struggles to find the relevant link, it can delay your project. Likewise, if you get the link before the end of the deadline, it does not mean that it will not go down the next day. In the long terms, the same link can get swapped by your competitor if you do not pay attention to it. Moreover, in some cases, the link can get spammy especially if you do not check it for a long time. This is not to say that the article or the site was not pristine, however, over the period of time, it can lose relevance or quality. These issues can be fixed in most instances; however, if it is not, you should not get frustrated.

Being the Webmaster

The job of the webmaster may involve dealing with the emails, but if you give time to the links, it may prove to be beneficial for the website, as the reads may respond to it positively. This means that you should not underestimate all the links. This is not to say that all links are good, but dismissing all may cost you more than the gain. Making a mistake is a natural part of the job, especially if the link is not working, but if you cannot calm your nerves, you may not be able to find the right solution. Therefore, if your client wants you to code the anchor text, there is no harm, especially if it attracts the attention of the readers. However, if you are not focusing on getting the link correct, the outer appearance of the site may not save you. The idea is to increase the click-through rates, but it should not be at the cost of the link.

In addition, being the web developer may require you to be precise and simple, as the 404 pages may create obstacles for you.


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